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Study Guide for Muscle Lab Answer Key Matching Agonist  provides major force Antagonist  opposes specific movement Synergist  adds force Fixator  immobilizes a bone Origin  anchor of muscle Insertion  connected to movable bone ******************************************************************** Extends the arm  triceps brachii Is deep to the scapula  subscapularis Main flexor in upper arm  brachialis Originates in ulna and inserts in carpals  flexor carpi ulnaris A rotator cuff muscle  teres minor ********************************************************************* Fill in the Blank The ____erector spinae______ group is made up of the iliocostalis, longissimus, and
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spinalis muscles. The ____linea alba____ is hyaline cartilage that runs on a midsagittal plane on the anterior / posterior side of the body. The rhomboid major is superior / inferior to the rhomboid minor. The ___pectoralis major__ muscle is superficial to the pectoralis minor.
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KEY_Muscles_Study_Guide - StudyGuideforMuscleLab AnswerKey...

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