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Muscle Histology and Gross Anatomy of the Skeletal Muscle System Instructions: Match the pictures of muscle tissue to the three types: skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. ______________ _______________ _______________ Instructions: Fill in the blanks from the word bank below. Insertion Origin Synergist Adduction Antagonist Fixator Extension Plantar Flexion Flexion Agonist Abduction Elevation 1. The _________ is the muscle that provides the major force for producing a major movement. 2. The site of muscle attachment on the bone that is not moving is called the _________. 3. Raising the scapula superiorly is called ___________. 4. The __________ and _________ muscles aid the prime mover in causing an action. 5. The action of bringing a body part closer to the midline is called __________. 6. The site of muscle attachment on the bone that is moving is called the __________.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. ___________ is the action of decreasing the angle of a joint. 8. The ____________ muscle is the muscle that opposes the action of the prime mover. 9. When the toes are pointed, _____________ occurs. 10. The action of moving a limb away from the midline is called ____________. 11. ___________ increases the angle of a joint. Instructions: Unscramble the prime movers of the following major actions. 1. Arm Flexion: tlspeaorci jorma ___________ ___________ 2. Flexion at the hip ___________ 3. Arm Abduction: elddito ___________ 4. Forearm Extension: scirtpe iribhac ___________ ___________ 5. Extension at the hip: csbpie mresfio ___________ ___________ * created by Julianne Stewart, BIO 201 Honors, Fall 2005...
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Muscle_Histology_and_Gross_Anantomy - 7. ___________ is the...

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