Tall Building Group Project Work Product - Part IV Working RAM Model

Tall Building Group Project Work Product - Part IV Working RAM Model

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Unformatted text preview: UCLA Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Prof. Thomas A. Sabol Page 1 of 1 Working RAM Model. Based on your preliminary site plan work already completed and the ongoing preliminary floor plan work due in the future, you know the height and number of stories for the office tower as well as its approximate shape of your floor plate. You can now begin to develop a rough idea of how you are going to frame your building (e.g. location of column grids, initial framing, etc.). As you do this, you will also be able to develop the beginnings of your lateral system. We will cover tall building lateral systems in class to help you begin to conceptualize your lateral system. You havent designed your lateral system yet; however, it is essential that you identify any problems running a model of your building as early as possible. For this reason, you are asked to develop a model of at least one frame in your building and run an analysis to confirm that the model runs. The model simply needs to bear a rough resemblance to what you think your frame will look like and it needs to run on RAM. runs....
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