Exam 2 notecard - V=IR Resistors in Series R eq = R 1 R 2 … Current is constant Voltage Changes Resistors in Parallel 1 R e q = 1 1 1 2

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Unformatted text preview: V=IR Resistors in Series: R eq = R 1 + R 2 + … Current is constant, Voltage Changes Resistors in Parallel: 1 R e q = 1 Ρ 1 + 1 Ρ 2 + ... Voltage is constant, current changes *Current always takes path of least resistance Kirchhoff’s Rules: current in=current out for junctions – total V in any loop=0 (V conserved)- + : emf is positive; + - emf is negative in direction of current: IR is negative opposite current: IR is positive RC Circuits: charging capacitor q = Χε (1- ε-τ/ΡΧ 29 = Θ φ (1- ε-τ/ΡΧ 29 ; i = δθ δτ = ε Ρ ε- τ/ Ρ Χ = Ι ε- τ/ Ρ Χ τ = RC small=charge fast, big=slow discharging capacitor: q = Θ ε-τ/ΡΧ ; i = δθ δτ =- Θ ΡΧ ε-τ/ΡΧ = Ι ε-τ/ΡΧ Power: P=VI=I 2 R= ε I Moving charge or current creates magnetic field that exerts a force on any other moving charge or current. it’s proportional to mag of charge & field. Depends on velocity & perpendicular to field & velocity....
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