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Autoradiography 1. Expose live cells or tissues in culture, or inject live animals, with radio-isotope labeled precursor of choice: 14 C – leucine 3 H – thymidine 3 H – uridine 2. After desired labeling interval (continuous exposure or pulse-chase), fix and section specimen and place on microscope slide. 3. Cover specimen with photographic emulsion (AgNO3) or X-ray film . 4. Let specimen develop (Beta emissions from decaying isotopes reduce Ag
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Unformatted text preview: + to Ag o creating a black spot or track of emissions). 5. Examine specimen for black “spots” revealing the location of proteins, DNA or RNA that was synthesized during exposure to the labeled precursor. Note: autoradiography can also be performed on blots of proteins (western blots) or nucleic acids (southern and northern blots) after they have been separated (resolved) by electrophoresis....
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