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BIS 104: Frequently Asked Questions 1. Will there be a final exam in this course? Yes. 2. When and where will it be? Friday, December 12, 1 – 3 pm If your last name begins with the letter A – N, go to 3 Kleiber as usual. If your last name begins with the letter P – Z, go to 1002 Giedt Hall. 3. What topics will be covered? The exam will be comprehensive, but will stress the material covered in the second half of the course. Questions may come from any material presented in lectures and assigned readings. 4. What will be the format of the final exam? Same as midterms I & II. See sample posted on course website . 5. How much is the exam worth and what are the criteria for assigning course grades?
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Unformatted text preview: See the first page of course syllabus. 6. Will there be a review session? Yes. Thursday, December 11, 6 – 8 pm in room 1322 Storer Hall. 7. Will there be the possibility of a make-up exam, re-grading, or extra-credit in addition to the final? No, to all three. 8. What will happen if I do not take the final exam? A failing grade for the course, unless absence is due to a documented medical emergency. 9. How best to prepare for the exam?-See exam taking tips in course info folder on website--Review all questions / answers from exams I & II and be sure that you understand and can answer all of the PQs that have been posted on the web site....
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