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ECE2801_C08_bonus_quiz3_sol - a The low byte of the address...

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ECE 2801 – Foundations of Embedded Systems Bonus Quiz #3 Name: __________________                                      ECE Box #: __________ 1) The Program Counter (PC) is stored in R0.  The PC always contains what? (a) The address of the  beginning  of program memory (b) The address of the instruction  currently  being executed  (c) The address of the  next  instruction to be fetched and executed     (d) The  numbe r of instructions executed so far 2) What is stored in R11? CLR      R11 MOV      #myVal, R12 ADD.B    @R12,  R11   
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Unformatted text preview: a) The low byte of the address of myVal c) 0x0000 b) The byte stored at address labeled myVal d) No way to determine 3) What does this assembler code segment do? MOV #5, R5 MOV #10h, R6 CLR R7 top ADD R6, R7 DEC R5 CMP #0,R5 JNZ top “multiplies” 10h by 5 by adding 10h + 10h + 10h + 10h + 10h in a loop 4) What is the final value of R7 in the code the above? a) 0x0000 b) 10h c) 50h d) Can not be determined...
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