Homework #1 - dimensions 2 a 3 x 4 b-0.6 c(1,4(2,1(3,2 3 a...

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Michael Triece 01/24/06 ASE 201 Homework #1 Quiz 1.1 1. The Command Window is used for entering commands into MATLAB, at which point their results can be displayed or they can be saved. The Edit Window is used to create, edit and open M-files. The Figure Window is used to display plots and other figures. 2. Help Browser, the help command, the lookfor command 3. The Workspace Browser is a GUI version of the whos command which shows what is stored in each array. Information on a particular array can be found by double-clicking on it. 4. You can clear the contents of a workspace by highlighting its contents and pressing the delete key. Quiz 2.1 1. An array is a collection of data values organized into rows and columns. A vector is a one-dimensional array, while a matrix is an array with two or more
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Unformatted text preview: dimensions. 2. a. 3 x 4 b.-0.6 c. (1,4) (2,1) (3,2) 3. a. 1 x 3 b. 3 x 1 c. 3 x 3 d. 3 x 2 e. 3 x 3 f. 4 x 3 g. 4 x 1 Quiz 2.3 2. a. This statement prompts the user to input the radius of a circle. It then computes the area of the circle, stores it under the name area, and displays it in the statement “The area is” followed by the area of the circle. b. This statement turns the double ‘pi’ into a string and stores under the name ‘value’. It then displays “The value is” followed the string value, followed by “!”. Exercise 2.2 a. Legal b. Illegal because the name begins with a number c. Legal d. Illegal because the name does not begin with a letter e. Illegal because the name includes a ‘ which cannot be used in a name...
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Homework #1 - dimensions 2 a 3 x 4 b-0.6 c(1,4(2,1(3,2 3 a...

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