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2. Analog Processing (25 points) Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I happened to be visiting with my 10 year old nephew when I noticed that he was wearing those sneakers that have LED’s which flash when he runs or jumps in them. I immediately recognized the potential for a “green” energy solution! What if a piezoelectric generator 1 were incorporated into the sneakers to convert the pounding energy into electricity for powering up the LED’s? This circuit could then run indefinitely! The Figure 1.0 below shows a possible block diagram of this system, along with its corresponding schematic. Figure 1.0 a) In your own words, describe the operation of this circuit, referring to the functional block diagram, as well as key components in the circuit. [8] During an impact, the piezoelectric generator produces a fluctuating voltage pulse that is rectified by diodes D1 and D2. If the voltage pulse is greater than the battery voltage, current will pass through D1 and charge the batteries. At the same time, capacitor C1 within the peak detector will charge to a voltage equal to the battery pack voltage (plus one diode drop). If this voltage is greater than the reference voltage provided by voltage divider
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ece2799b08exam2B_sol_p2_p3 - 2. Analog Processing (25...

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