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mcdb100finalquest_08W - MCDB 100 Final Study Questions...

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MCDB 100 Final Study Questions 11/17 2006 O'Lague 1. What is a signal sequence and its role in cell processes? 2. Name three ways membrane–enclosed organelles import proteins and give examples. 3. What is the signal recognition particle and it role in protein trafficking? 4. Propose two experiments to show that the nuclear localization sequence (NLS) is both necessary and sufficient. 5. What is the role of GTP in transport of proteins into the ER? 6. What 3 classes of proteins are targeted into the ER and their destination? 7. What are chaperones and what is their function? 8. Proteins destined for mitochondria usually have two signal sequences. Why? 9. Using microsomes (MS) made from ER and other cytoplasmic components, mRNA, ribosomes, etc., describe a test tube experiment and results designed to test the signal hypothesis. 10. Where is COP II located and what is its role in protein trafficking? 11. What is the function of α and β importin? 12. What are SNARES and their role in protein trafficking? 13. What are the major modifications to proteins passing through the ER and Golgi? 14. What are lamins? 15. What are pulse chase experiments and how can they be used to determine the destination of cellular proteins? 16. What is the fate of the lamins during mitosis? 17. Briefly describe what makes action potential (of a particular neuron) all the same size? 18. What is the S4 region of the Na channel and what is its function?
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19. Given a neuron with an antiport system 2 Na + in for 1 Ca +2 out and [Na] = 150 mM and [Na] = 15 mM, can this system establish a [Ca +2 ] equilibrium potential of + 50mV? 20. Name two important factors in membrane potential generation and describe
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mcdb100finalquest_08W - MCDB 100 Final Study Questions...

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