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mcdb100midtermAns_08W - NAME(LAST FIRST TA(SECTION MCDB 100...

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NAME (LAST, FIRST)______________________________ TA (SECTION)______________________________ MCDB 100 MIDTERM (270 pts) Answers THURS 2/12/08 Instructions: Please read carefully! 1. Write your answers only on the space provided i.e. on the lines in questions. No credit will be given for material in any other space. 2. Write legibly. We can't give points if we can't read your answers with the naked eye. 3. Show all calculations. 1. (40 pts) Define the following: (I) HAT: a cell culture media that forces cells to use the salvage pathway for _____ synthesis of nucleotides for DNA synthesis _________________________________ (ii) Signal transduction: extracellular ligands binding to cell receptors produce intracellular signals ____________________________________________________ (iii) Membrane fluidity: property that measures movement of phospholipids and integral membrane proteins in the plane of the membrane ___________________ (iv) PKA: cAMP activated kinase consisting of 2 regulatory (binds cAMP) and 2 catalytic subunits that dissociate after cAMP binds. _________________________ (v) Biological coupling factor: a protein(s) evolved to transform one type of energy into another ___________________________________________________________ (vi) Van der Walls bond: Temporary attractive dipoles induced by the migrations of electrons __________________________________________________________ (vii) Cell strain: single cells dissociated from tissues, grown in culture, and exhibiting a finite number of divisions _____________________________________ (viii) Photo-bleaching: irreversible destruction of fluorescence of tagged _______ molecules by high intensity laser light ____________________________________
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NAME (LAST, FIRST)_______________________________ TA (SECTION)____________________________________ (ix) F 0 F 1
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