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Unformatted text preview: Name_____________________________ TA and Section_____________________________ MCDB 100 Problem Set #3 1/22/2008 OLague Due: 1/31/2008 Write answers on lines only. Show all calculations. 1. You have measured glucose uptake by RBCs from two different patients (DZ and KD) and from a normal individual. The results are show in the three graphs below. (a) Estimate the V Max and K M for each patient and the control. Ans: Control V Max = 500 mol/ ml packed cells/h; K M = 1.5 mM Patient DZ: V Max = 500; K M = 6 mM Patient KD: V Max = 100; K M = 1.5 mM (b) What is the nature of the defect(s) in the patient DZ? Ans: Decrease in the transport affinity. (c) Propose two explanations for the defect in the patient KD? Ans: 5-fold decrease in total number of transporters or normal number of receptors some of which are defective. 2. In a cell the uptake of glucose (uncharged) is transported together 1 to 1 with Na + and is driven by the Na + gradient. The internal Na + concentration is 5% of the external. (a) Assuming the cell has no membrane potential, calculate the free energy available for this glucose transport system. for this glucose transport system....
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mcdb100prob_3answers_08W -...

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