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Name ___________________________ TA (section)___________________________ MCDB 100 PROBLEM SET #6answers 2/26/2008 due 3/6/2008 O'Lague 08W 1. A neuron has only K + - specific ion channels and an equilibrium or Nernst potential V M = - 60mV (inside negative). (a) Representing the neuron as a circle (see below), draw the E and C arrows and indicate the sign of V M on circle A. circle A circle B (b) Assume that the membrane potential V is suddenly changes by ½ of its original value. Draw the new C and E arrows in circle B. Describe in words what K + does and why under these new conditions. K equilibrium (arrows E = K) now broken C>E new so C driving force makes K leave bringing +charge out and restoring V M _________________________ ________________________________________________________________ (c) On the graph of membrane potential vs. time below, draw the approximate time course of the V M before and after the sudden change in V M indicated by the arrow at time t = 2 sec. Assume a microelectrode is measuring V M throughout.
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2. Each diagram (a) - (j) shows a cartoon of a cell.
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mcdb100prob_6ans_08W - Name _ TA (section)_ MCDB 100...

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