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Article Summary #6 Summary: The article of Gloria Pappalardo discussed a lot of important information covering students with disabilities. The descriptions of several diagnosed disabilities and how to deal with students who have these disabilities is very helpful. Key Concepts : 1. General Learning Disabilities 2. Behavioral (Socially Maladjusted) 3. Visually Impaired 4. Orthopedic 5. Emotional and Behavioral 6. Auditorally Impaired Mental Retardation Example: When dealing with the visually impaired, the speaker should talk to them as if
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Unformatted text preview: there was no visual problem. There is nothing wrong with their hearing. Giving a vivid description helps greatly with the person creating a mental picture to help them as much as possible with creating a visual. Adaptation: I think the article was very helpful because teachers will more than likely have a student in their class with some type of disability and the article gives ideas on how to still incorporate the lesson with a person with a disability....
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