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Article Summary #7 Summary: This article was dealing with multiculturalism in elementary schools today. It asks us as teachers how do we deal with this matter? It explains that the global economy deals with the entire world. So chances are the student’s future job is going to be dealing with other employees from all over the world. Key Concepts: 1. Teaching the culturally different. 2. Human relations approach. 3. Single group studies. 4. Multicultural. 5. Multicultural and social reconstruction. Example: Multicultural education approach describes how educators working with students who are different because of race, sex, age or social/ economic background. The purpose
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Unformatted text preview: of this is to distribute the power to people who are different in these listed categories. The reason for this is to reduce discrimination and prejudice in schools. Personal Response: I thought this was a great article for future teachers. I feel diversity and multiculturalism are the biggest issues brought up in schools today. This article was great because it showed us why multiculturalism is important and ways to approach it. The five different teaching approaches were also a very helpful tool....
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