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Article Summary #5 Summary: This article explained the why reasoning to why children participate in particular classes and explained how they can apply that knowledge to the real world. One of the words used over and over again was integration. The article also touches on different approaches that schools take in teaching their students whether it is a social problem, getting along with peers, or thematic. Key Concepts: Integration of experiences- Ideas people have about themselves in the world. Social integration- Providing an educational setting with many diverse characters from diverse backgrounds. Integration of knowledge- Figuring out curriculum problems based on prior knowledge. Integration as a curriculum design
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Unformatted text preview: - Projects and other activities that incorporate a wide variety of subject areas. Example: I liked the example of the web with all the major subject areas. I feel the author chose to do this to show what subject areas the students need to be involved in so they can have an open mind. In the future they will use all those subjects in their career or personal life. Reflection: I enjoyed this article because its explanation on how schools try to teach subjects that their students can incorporate into the real world. Many times students memorize the material, but do not apply it and understand it. I feel it is important to integrate subjects and information to the world outside of the classroom....
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