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final study guide 1 - RELIGION 101: COMPREHENSIVE SECTION...

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RELIGION 101: COMPREHENSIVE SECTION OF FINAL I. Topics: a. Six Days of Creation: i. Day 1 – light ii. Day 2 – sky, waters iii. Day 3 – Land, plants iv. Day 4 – sun, moon, stars v. Day 5 – birds, fish vi. Day 6 – animals, humans b. Ideas Suggested by Genesis 1 i. God: symmetry and creation by command suggests he is a good king, wise, and in control; General flow suggests…God is the giver of life ii. Repetition and expansion suggest…the world is a good place; Focus on day 6 suggests…humans have special status (in his image) and special obligations c. “In the Image of God” i. Physical features – least likely ii. Creativity – just as God creates iii. Reason/Logic – popular since Enlightenment iv. Authority – part of cosmic hierarchy v. Free Will – dignity and responsibility d. Five Views on What Sin Is i. Doing what is forbidden ii. Listening to someone else (NOT God) iii. Not being content with what you have iv. Wanting independence, even from God v. Wanting wisdom/power/control e. Abrahamic Covenant i. Three Promises 1. Land (hence ‘promised land’) 2. Descendents 3. Blessing (received and given) ii. Sign 1. circumcision iii. Success Depends on God 1. repeatedly reassures with promises 2. protects Abraham, in spite of fear/doubt 3. blesses Abraham, in spite of lying 4. causes birth of Isaac, in spite of laughter f. God is “with” g. “I AM WHO I AM” i. Literal translation 1. “he is who he is” / “I truly am” ii. Holiness
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“there is none other like me” iii. Monotheism 1. “I am the only God who is” iv. Omnipotence 1. “I am whoever I want to be” v. Shown in the plagues: 1. God’s victory over Egypt is a double reference to Yahweh’s name 2. “I truly am God, like no other, the only one, with the power to do whatever I want” h. God’s Character Name i. Merciful, gracious, loving, forgiving (to 1000 generations) ii. Punishes sin (to 3-4 generations) iii. Not either merciful or punishing but BOTH i. The 12 Spies Story i. 10 spies say “They are too strong” ii. Joshua and Caleb say they can do it because the Lord is with them iii. Lack of faith leads God to forgive but punish 1. 40 years of wandering 2. all adults will die in desert (except Joshua and Caleb) 3. descendants will live in the land iv. WITH David 1. God chooses David to be king 2. puts His spirit on David 3. He is with David in battle j. “To love the Lord with all your Heart” i. If you believe with your heart, its justified ii. Paul suggests that the heart is the key to understanding righteousness by faith k. Samuel’s Challenge i. Serve the Lord with all your heart, remembering what He has done for you. l. David and the Challenge i. How he serves the Lord 1. He has the right heart 2. Credits the Lord with victories 3. Honors Saul out of respect for the Lord 4. Recognizes the Lord has made him king 5. Brings the Lord’s Ark to his capital 6. Dances like a fool to honor the Lord m. Continuity of God’s Covenant i. Descendants
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final study guide 1 - RELIGION 101: COMPREHENSIVE SECTION...

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