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soc chap 2 - Chapter TWO Society Any relatively...

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Chapter TWO Society Any relatively self-contained and self-sufficient group united by social relationships. Two central components of society: Social Structure and Culture Social Structures Any characteristics of a group rather than of individuals. % No Religion, Mobility, Population density, % Female, Age composition, etc. etc. – characteristics of a group E.g., Age composition a predictor of crime – % teens and young adults a social structural explanation of crime rates. Stratification is a form of social structure Stratification: “To be layered” Societies are stratified - people are ranked depending on which categories they belong to Unequal rewards associated with these ranks (power, status, $, etc.) Societies might be stratified along any of a number of continuums (class, caste, gender, religion) Some ranks assigned at birth (ascribed status), some on merits/accomplishments (achieved status) Culture The pattern of living that directs human social life. Everything that humans learn and the things they learn to use. language, religions, science, art, notions of right and wrong, explanations of the meaning of life Cultural Concepts Values - standards for assessing good and bad Norms – behavioral expectations Role – norms associated with a particular position Prejudice and Discrimination Assimilation and Accommodation Multicultural / subculture
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soc chap 2 - Chapter TWO Society Any relatively...

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