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EM 306 – Statics TEST 1 Fall 2008 - Landis Name ___________________________________ EID ___________________________________ Unique Number ___________________________ Instructions: Problem 2 requires a correctly drawn and labeled free body diagram. Show all of your work. Place a box around your final answers and include units. Problem 1. A plane is defined by points A , B and C . The distances OA , OB and OC are 2, 4 and 3 inches respectively.
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Unformatted text preview: A force F is applied at point B . The magnitude of F is 200 pounds and it is directed perpendicular to the plane ABC with a positive z-component. (a) Determine the moment of the force F about point C . (b) Determine the component of F along the BC direction (i.e. how much of F is along the BC direction). (30 points) Problem 2. Draw a free body diagram and determine the reactions at points A and B . (20 points)...
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