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1/19/07 According to research, people conform no matter what Social isolation has negative impacts on people Chapter 1 Goals: Identify and define the family, marriage, and the varying component of each Discuss contemporary constructs of marriage and family Discuss public and private families Discuss the process of studying the family Discuss the theoretical perspectives How have we changed? 1. Age? Later, due to education and career (21 28) 2. Choice to marry? Now more choose not to marry 3. Children in home? Fewer children (4 2) 4. Divorce and the family? Slight decrease (47%) 5. The family and employment? More women work (40% of households have both partners working 6. Single Parenthood? Increased 300% 7. Unmarried cohabitation? Increased 300% Individualism and the Family Individualism - individuals pursue own interests/goals, have own ideas - will have impact on marriage and family 2 Types: 1. Utilitarian - want to be self-reliant, independent 2. Expressive - feeling ok about yourself, confident Individualism makes the postponement of marriage more likely 1/22/07 Marriage and Family 1. What is marriage? - Legal union - Purpose used to be have children/money, historically for convenience - Now is more for love 2. Marriage and the Global Dynamic 3. The Complexity of the Family - Monogamy - one sexual relationship/spouse - Polygamy - more than one sexual relationship/spouse
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- Majority of societies practice polygamy but since our society is so big the numbers don’t reflect this - Serial monogamy - divorce/remarry - Modified polygamy - similar to above 4. Defining the Family A. The Social Conservative Definition - Two parents, traditional roles B. The Economic Definition - If you can help the family financially in some way C. The Legal Definition - Two or more people that live together and are either related by birth, marriage, or adoption D. The Social Definition - Family defined by relationship by birth, marriage, or adoption AND emotionally support one another, stability, self- sufficient, etc The Public Family What is the Public Family? One or two adults who are related (by marriage, a non-married couple who are parents of a child)- two people there to provide Must have at least one dependent Involve one or two financial contributors taking care of dependents - dependents can be children or elderly or mentally disabled Role To provide assistance to a dependent, doesn’t deal with love The Costs and Benefits Public goods that people can use- government assistance/financial aid Key Challenges Free rider issue- someone who takes advantage of the public assistance offered to them Uses social security to take care of dependent but uses it to buy crack, etc The Private Family What is the Private Family? Two or more people who are in an intimate relationship Pool finances together, relationship expected to last together Dependents are only children Role Provide love and support Key Challenge Boundary problem Kids expected to grow up and leave Public
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