envpolsg - Sustainable Development and the Constitution •...

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Unformatted text preview: Sustainable Development and the Constitution • Sustainable development is a strive for balance between the use of resources for economic development and the need for responsible methods to make sure that the resources are well taken care of so that they will continue to provide us with the resources. • I believe it is a power struggle that can be assuaged by the use of cost-benefit models and consensus building. • A guideline for Sustainable dev. • A guideline for Consensus building • A process for changing values but still stable enough for rule of law • Separation of powers • Commerce Clause- through that clause congress has power to promote environmental • Takings Clause • Just compensation clause- Government takes but gives back just compensation. This is a good model for sustainable development. Balancing Different Concerns • When looking at creating environmental policy many concerns must be taken into account. • One must look at not only environmental and economic concerns, but ethical and moral concerns. • I believe that it is easier to compromise on a person’s interests than to compromise on their principles. • Incorporate cost benefit analysis • FIFRA falls under this Public Ambivalence/Engagement • As much as any other change in society, environmental policy depends on public attitudes, values and behavior. • Without a supportive public, governments are unlikely to enact or support environmental policy. Consensus Building and Environmental Policy-Making • Pg 267 Kraft pg 249 Kraft Policy I nnovation/Integration • Policy innovation means to me that new methods are being employed rather than traditional methods such as strictly the...
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envpolsg - Sustainable Development and the Constitution •...

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