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Lin 1 Katherine Lin Discussion: Laboratory Techniques C1500: Section 002 TA: Wenbo Due: 2/6/2008 In this laboratory, we explored the different techniques and instruments that would be used throughout the semester in the chemistry laboratory. The first part involved using procedures such as evaporation and filtration to separate a mixture of materials and compounds. New instruments such as a hot plate, funnel, and drying oven were also implemented. The second part involved weighing different amounts of coins. The goal of this second part was not only to learn how to accurately weigh using a balance, but also to observe how the error is affected as objects are weighed together. The last part involved diluting a solution and using more accurate volumetric devices, such as 10 mL graduated pipettes or volumetric flasks. Also, both the concentrated and diluted solutions were inserted into the spectrometer in order to read absorbency. The goal of this experiment was definitely achieved because not only did we learn how to perform different procedures using various instruments, we also discovered their effects on our results and error. In the first part, the results were definitely very close to the theoretical yield from the mixture. We started out with 2.004 +/- 0.001 grams of mixture. From the filtration, we obtained 0.825 +/- 0.002 grams of sand, which is about 41.2 +/- 0.1 % of the mixture. From the evaporation of the solution, we obtained 1.141 +/- 0.002 grams of NaCl salt, about 56.9+/- 0.1% of the original mixture. If we add both components, that means we obtained a total of 1.966+/-
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Discussion 1 - Lin 1 Katherine Lin Discussion: Laboratory...

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