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BioDiversity Study Guide

BioDiversity Study Guide - • Human factors relating to...

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BI O PL 2400 G REEN W ORLD / B LUE P LANET —BIODIVERSITY Lecture 1 Loss of Biodiversity Global extinction rate is estimated to be 10,000 times higher than it was before human existence - 2-200 species a day become extinct Species facing premature extinction: 34% of fish, 25% amphibians, 24% mammals, 20% reptiles, 14% plants In the USA, 33% of plant & animal species are vulnerable to extinction Ex: orchid species native to USA, Pitcher Plant native to Southern USA
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Unformatted text preview: • Human factors relating to decreased biodiversity • Habitat loss & degradation • Invasive species • Hunting, poaching, overfishing • Sale of exotic species (animal & plants) • Pollution • Climate change • Effect of Human Activity on Biodiversity • 40-50% of the Earth’s surface has been taken over, disturbed or degraded...
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