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Kristin Chen KMC266; #2000870 Dr. Thomas Silva—BioPl 2400 Climate Change Essay In his speech to the Minnesota Climate Science Symposium, James M. Taylor argues that “science repudiates the frightening predictions of Al Gore and other global warming alarmists” (Taylor). Throughout his speech he emphasizes that the scientific consensus regarding global warming does not support the global warming alarmist theory and continues to reference examples cited in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and offer a counter perspective. He begins by questioning the validity of frequently cited studies such as the “Oreskes Study” and also mentions other publications and surveys that illustrate “that there is no real scientific debate about global warming”. One point that he continues to highlight throughout many examples is that climates around the earth have not been rising in temperature in some cases are colder than they have been in the past. For example, he states that glaciers in the Himalayan Mountains have been growing, not shrinking because of global warming. Additionally he states that
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Climate Change Essay - Kristin Chen KMC266; #2000870 Dr....

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