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Climate Change Lecture Notes - Lecture 1 Tues 10/7 BioPl...

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BioPl 2400 Climate Change Lecture Outlines Lecture 1 –Tues. 10/7 Climate Change Climate change vs. global warming Is the earth getting warmer? What is the greenhouse effect? Are changes caused by human activity? Can we prove climate change is happening? What can be done to reverse trends we are seeing? Climate Climate : the long term average of weather conditions at a particular location Weather : short term variation in atmospheric condition at a particular location Increasing mean temperature over last 100 years How fast is the average temperature going up? 1 degree increase about every 25 years since 1940’s Earth is warming What is the cause of the warming? Does this increase in temperature prove that climate change is going to happen? Is this temperature changed caused by man? Greenhouse Effect A result of the atmosphere Heat that warms the earth comes from the sun Solar radiation passes through the surface warming the earth Some of that energy is reflected through the atmosphere However, because of the atmosphere green house gasses some of the radiation warms the earth Trapping of that heat by the atmosphere (infrared radiation) and reflects it back to the surface Temperatures have risen over the last 100 years Have greenhouse gases increased over the last 100 years?
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Climate Change Lecture Notes - Lecture 1 Tues 10/7 BioPl...

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