GE Prelim Part 2 Response

GE Prelim Part 2 Response - Kristin Chen KMC266#2000870 Bio...

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Kristin Chen KMC266; #2000870 Bio Pl 2400 In the article, The Biotech Century: Playing Ecological Roulette with Mother Nature’s Designs, Jeremy Rifkin warns of the devastating consequences that can occur from humans tampering with the genetic blueprints of evolution. The article does contain compelling arguments concerning the environmental and health risks of genetic engineering but fails to address any of its positive benefits seen specifically in vaccines, organ transplants, crops, and other fields. I do not agree with the entirety of this article because completely ignores the potential benefits and breakthroughs that genetic engineering offers. A few notable examples include creating safer vaccines—genetic engineering could be used to incorporate protein to induce immune responses into foods. For example, genetically modified potatoes and bananas could vaccinate individuals when eaten. This method would be much safer than using viruses to induce immune responses. Novel vaccines can also be created by crossing genes that would not have ever been combined in nature. For instance, human and mouse tumor fragments have been inserted into tobacco plants leading to a potential vaccine for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Even though there is an ethical debate involved, genetic engineering does have positive implications for organ transplants specifically in the area of xenotransplantation, the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another. Transgenic pigs have been altered to produce organs which are less likely to be rejected as transplants. Growing organs in tissue culture using stem cells has also been essential to the field of organ transplantation. Cell transplantation therapy, which is similar
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GE Prelim Part 2 Response - Kristin Chen KMC266#2000870 Bio...

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