Genetic Engineering Lecture Notes

Genetic Engineering Lecture Notes - K ristin Chen BioPL...

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Unformatted text preview: K ristin Chen BioPL 2400 Genetic Engineering Lecture Outlines Lecture ? –Tues. September 23 • Arguments against GMO’s o Health & Safety issues Potential poisons, toxins that could be present in modified foods Medical procedures that involve genes o Long term Problems—escape of genes into wild populations o Ethical Issues o Are they necessary? • Health issues related to techniques o Techniques are safe—same as traditional breeding practices, just traditional breeding accelerated o Use of antibiotic resistance genes as markers Something you can test for later to select your transformed cells Antibiotic resistance gene is present in the food… does it represent a risk if bacteria inside your body picks up the gene and becomes resistant to antibiotics? (low likely hood) Now starting to use other methods of marking o Random insertion into genome—waking of “sleeper genes”, silencing active genes Gene lands in the chromosome randomly, could land on top of another gene, disrupting it Possibility exists that you could silence another gene or wake up a sleeper gene o Will gene be stable in long term? You may get expression early in development, but is it always going to work? o Potential allergens—is the inserted gene safe as a food product? Ex: Brazil nut gene inserted into soybeans in the late 1990’s to elevate amino acid content was an allergen • GMO’s & Agriculture—Potential Issues o Escape of genes into wild populations— gene flow Main problem in plants that are wind pollinated—out-cross fairly easily Some evident for this, transgenes have been found in wild corn o Increased resistant insects also a problem—can be dealt with by planting some non-...
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Genetic Engineering Lecture Notes - K ristin Chen BioPL...

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