ANATOMY NOTES - ANATOMY NOTES General regions of the body...

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ANATOMY NOTES General regions of the body Axial- refers to the head, neck and trunk areas Appendicular- refers to the appendages( legs and arms) Somatotypes The ECTOMORPHIC- Has long appendages with a thin waist and a short upper body. Has a high proportion of nerve tissue and long thin muscles. Also, has a low percentage of body fat. (Ex. Me) The MESOMORPHIC- Has more muscular tissue, with larger bones and a shorter stature. They have solid torsos with generally low fat percentages. They have wide shoulders and a narrow waist with higher amounts of calcium and generally higher levels of testosterone. (Ex. B-ha) The ENDOMORPHIC- They have increased fat cells with more digestive tissue. They have a wide waist with large bones and higher levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. They are the opposite of and ectomorph. (Ex. Deanna Penney) Training Suggestions for the somatotypes Ectomorph- Should not skip meals; high protein in those meals Increased weight training/ decreased aerobic training Mesomorph- They generally gets quicker results than the other two type Use a basic exercise and nutrition regime. Endomorph- Less athletic with a lower metabolic rate than the other two Should increase protein intake while consuming certain carb Increase cardio and use only proportional weights *There can be combo’s of somatotypes* Body Reference Positions These are the positions used in diagrams Anatomical- standing straight with palms facing forward Fundamental- Arms with sides with palms facing the body Anatomical Terminology Anterior- the front of the body Posterior- the back of the body Anteroinferior- The front and below
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ANATOMY NOTES - ANATOMY NOTES General regions of the body...

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