BQ1 F08 - CHM 2046 Bonus Quiz 1 Fall 2008 DIRECTIONS For this and subsequent Bonus Quizzes any information source may be used except live

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CHM 2046 “Bonus Quiz 1” Fall, 2008 DIRECTIONS: For this and subsequent “Bonus Quizzes” any information source may be used except live professional assistance such as chemistry faculty, TA’s, and/or chemistry tutors. Note: The most important part of an answer is the quality of the answer. Sharpness and clarity count – not quantity of ink or graphite. Answer all Q’s on the Quiz itself. Use the reverse side of the Quiz if more space is needed. Scratch paper will not be accepted . Be sure to write legibly . NO CREDIT if your work cannot be read . Name (print):___ _______________________________ Disc Instr Name:____________________________ 1 a. With whole-no. coefficients write the eqn for the vapor-phase rxn in which ammonia reacts with ozone forming steam (H 2 O (g) ) and dinitrogen tetroxide gas. ( This eqn must be written correctly to
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