BQ3%20F08 - “fog up”. But, on walking further outside,...

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CHM 2046 “Bonus Quiz 3” Fall, 2008 DIRECTIONS: Same rules as for “Bonus Quiz 1”. Answer all Q’s on the Quiz itself. Use the reverse side of the Quiz if more space is needed. Scratch paper will not be accepted ! Be sure to write legibly ! NO CREDIT if your work cannot be read ! Name: Disc TA: 1.a. Consider: N 2 O 4 (g) 2 NO 2 (g). If this EQ is developed in a piston/cylinder gadget at P (total) = 1.0 atm and P (NO 2 ) = 2.0 P (N 2 O 4 ), calculate K . Show pertinent work. (6) b. Assume that ) H r o and ) S r o are T independent and calculate T at which the system exists with K from 1.a., above. Show pertinent work. (10) c. If this EQ is developed from a starting mix of 1.0 mols each gas, calculate the composition of the system at EQ. Show pertinent work. (6) 2. On a hot, muggy day at UF, it is common to walk outside from a classroom and have eyeglasses
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Unformatted text preview: “fog up”. But, on walking further outside, eyeglasses “defog” without being wiped. Explain these phenomena using considerations of VP , P and “relative humidity” in what you say. (10) 3. If potassium manganate (K 2 MnO 4 ) is dissolved in an HAc/NaAc buffer soln, the highly reactive man-ganate ion readily disproportionates into permanganate ion and semi-soluble manganese dioxide. For this system write the correct ½-rxns and the net redox rxn. Also explain what change in pH happens as this redox rxn proceeds. (8) 4. In a suitable text or reference book look up the common amino acid proline and draw its complete, correct LS. Then “parcel” e ! ’s to determine the correct oxidation number for each component atom (5) of proline other than H. Show work on the back of this Bonus Quiz....
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BQ3%20F08 - “fog up”. But, on walking further outside,...

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