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Lirael: Someone who is predestined to play a particular role. She doesn’t know who she is she winds up going through this sort of this womb like imagery to get to the palce where she finds out what her true inheritance is. Has a rebirth there then begins her journey to find out what that all means. It is clear that she seems to have to earn it but it was always there for her. In Sabriel she is destined to be the abhorseen her father has been training her secretly so when it falls on her she knows what to do. Pullman characters have innocence which they lose but they have to regain skills through hard work. Garth nix is a little reactionary. Pullman is questioning all of the heiarchy and is question earned power versus passed down power. Nix has the idea that if oyu were born to this position you will figure it out. . Without the bloodline you may not have potential at all. How do we all become the fullest measure that we can be and is it because we just have to find the path
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Unformatted text preview: that is destined to us and perform the role that is assigned do we have to create that role what do we have to create ourselves to achieve the nearly miraculous. The idea of what is preordained in the sense of the gods. This is a novel about she comes into understanding who she is. The disreputable dog helps her find out who she is. By working charter magic and going in that direction allowed her to start becoming who she is by making the dog. She is very powerful because she didn’t die when casting the binding spell against the monster. The disreputable dog is a friend, challenges her to maximize her potential and go explore, perform’s activities when she is not capable sends things back into death, made the assassin walk off the bridge. By creating the dog she tapped into something in her. Dog is...
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