Quantum Interference of Photons

Quantum Interference of Photons - Quantum Interference of...

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Quantum Interference of Photons Bryan Baum Abstract: We recreated Young’s double-slit experiment to show how light behaves similar to the quantum particle model. To do this we used 2 lasers: a red helium-neon laser and a green iodide laser and shined them through a double slit onto graph paper and recorded their wavelengths. We calculated a wavelength of 595nm+- 75nm for the red helium-neon laser and a wavelength of 539nm+-75nm for the green laser both results were consistent with known wavelengths of 632nm(red) and 532nm(green) respectively. We then wanted to see what happens when there is only one photon in the device. For this we used a dim red LED shining through a tube at a double split to a box with a CCD camera in it(attached to a laptop) to take images. We took images for three different cases both slits open, one slit open (left slit closed), and one slit open (right slit closed) measuring the distance from the slits to the CCD camera. We then processed the images and combined
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