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Selectivity Exercise

Selectivity Exercise - Extinction Selectivity Extinction...

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Extinction Selectivity Extinction and survival are usually not random.  Many features, both at the  individual and population level, make some species more prone to extinction.  These traits lead to selectivity of extinctions, which result in homogenous  ecosystems with “weedy” species.  Some of these traits are listed in the table  below. More Vulnerable Less Vulnerable Slow Growth Rapid Growth Long-lived Short-lived Low Reproduction Rate High Reproduction Rate Large Size Small Size Specialized Diet Generalized Diet High Trophic Level Low Trophic Level Habitat Specific Lives in many types of habitat Climate Specific Climate Tolerant Territorial Not Territorial Low Population Density High Population Density Immobile Mobile Localized Range Large Range / Rapid Dispersal Migratory Non-Migratory Low Genetic Variation High Genetic Variation Poorly adapted to human activity
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