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Philosophy Exam 1 Chapter 4

Philosophy Exam 1 Chapter 4 - Give a description of how...

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Give a description of how Behaviorism began and where it is today. Include a discussion of Descartes, Skinner, and Ryle. - B.F. Skinner o Inspired by Descartes’ observation about observing others, he develops BEHAVIORISM o Only BEHAVIORS can be observed. MINDS and THOUGHT are non-empirical. o There is a compromise between CARTESIAN DUALISM and SKINNER’S BEHAVIORISM called Logical (Descartes)+ Behaviorism (Skinner). - Gilbert Ryle o Developed Logical Behaviorism: Uses Mental terms like Descartes but is also aware of Skinner’s Behaviorism For Logical Behaviorist, mental terms do NOT refer to “GHOSTLY EVENTS” in a physical MACHINE. Mental terms: refer to certain WAYS OF DOING SOMETHING THINKING Refers to a certain way that bodies perform actions. - Descartes o Cartesian Dualism Mind/Body Minds are not physical Minds have mental states When you see other people, you can only see physical behaviors/bodies. You cannot see their mental state.
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