Lecture 26 (December 4)

Lecture 26 (December 4) - • Freeways o Are either...

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Building codes o Intent: sole purpose is life safety to make sure people don’t die Except building integrity is essential for hospitals, nuclear power plants, and other buildings where we are concerned about the integrity of the structure o Enforcement of building codes is just as important as the codes High-rise buildings (60 stories) could be more safe than mid-rise buildings (20-30) because of wind-shear o The shorter the building, the less strong it has to be to resist the wind paradoxical Shear-wall o Basic component of modern earthquake resistant design o The entire building moves as the ground does and doesn’t collapse ???? eq o Killed 50,000 people Buildings in L.A. o Most buildings before 1972 are non-ductile Soft first floor structure o Collapses frequently
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Unformatted text preview: • Freeways o Are either non-ductile or ductile reinforced concrete • 1971 San Fernando eq o Building code underwent major revision in 1992 that basically outlawed non-ductile concrete buildings shift to use ductile concrete o Learned that confinement is absolutely key o Column-to-beam connections are even more important in a steel-framed building than a concrete building Number of shear wave cycles that a building goes through and the duration of an earthquake are so important because it will determine the shaking and weakening of a building • Perpendicular shear walls o Key element in concrete buildings • Retrofitting o Build a new frame/foundation inside the building and bolt the new structure to the old one o...
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