lab 4 Thevenin theorem

lab 4 Thevenin theorem - Experiment # 5 Thevenin's and...

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Experiment # 5 Thevenin’s and Maximum Power Transfer Theorem EE 300 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab Scott Finnesand Lab Partner: Adam Fergen Date: 2/12/08 Instructor: Barun Ranjikar
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Objective: The objective of this experiment is to study the principles of Thevenin’s Theorem and the Maximum Power Transfer Theorem. This is will be accomplished by first analyzing the circuits to be used in this experiment numerically and then experimentally. Introduction: In this experiment Thevenin’s Theorem will be analyzed. Thevenin’s Theorem is useful when reducing a complex circuit network to a simpler one to analyze. A thevenin circuit is a circuit with on resistor R th , in series with an applied load. When computing the thevenin circuit there is three components that need to be figured. The three components are the thevenin resistance, open circuit voltage, and the short circuit current. The open circuit voltage, V oc , or the voltage across the open terminal can be found using nodal analysis. Once the open circuit voltage is found the short circuit can also be computed. The short circuit current is the current across the open terminals if a wire were placed across it. From this the thevenin resistance can be computed using the formula: sc oc th I V R = . The thevenin resistance can also be computed by finding equivalent resistances. When using this method all voltage and current sources must be zeroed out. Once the open circuit voltage, short circuit current, and thevenin resistance is found a thevenin equivalent circuit can be set up, comprising of the thevenin voltage and thevenin resistance. This makes complex circuit analysis much faster and easier when applying different loads. Procedure:
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lab 4 Thevenin theorem - Experiment # 5 Thevenin's and...

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