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Michael Guertin BUAD 307 December 2, 2008 EZ Sleep Alarm Clock: Final Project Executive Summary The EZ Sleep Alarm Clock is one that that relies on decreases in body temperature to calculate the proper amount of sleep cycles an individual can get in before he or she absolutely needs to wake up. The premise is that a person will be more awake after a full sleep cycle than he or she would sleeping another hour and not getting another fully cycle in. A lightweight wristband worn on one’s arm will effectively record decreases in body temperature and it will submit the information to the bedside display to signify the onset of sleep. It is then the alarm clock device’s duty to calculate the maximum number of full sleep cycles an individual can have before waking up and automatically set the alarm for that specified time. This product will help maximize one’s sleep, energy, and readiness to perform by waking a person up at the end of a full sleep cycle. Currently existing bio-alarm clock products offer more cumbersome headwear and other advanced alarm clocks rely on light simulators that do not actually utilize the importance of sleep cycles. The EZ Sleep Alarm Clock could be used for both children and adults that suffer from a wide range of sleeping problems and it will serve as a way to establish healthy sleeping patterns and maximize the effectiveness of one’s sleep. The analysis completed in the course of this project indicates that there is reason to be optimistic, but remaining cautious is advised. A limited amount of time and resources did not allow the completion of adequate research and analysis to support an explicit decision on the merits of launching this venture. Supplementary research on consumer perception of this
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product in its own nature and relative to competitors, the perceived value of the product, consumer willingness to pay, readiness to spend the time and effort needed to set up and operate this device, and willingness to sleep with a wristband is needed before a significant decision on whether to proceed can be reached. Responses to substantive comments made on previous papers are also included. Replies to Questions Raised on the Proposal and Assignment Proposal Comment: How large would the transmission patch need to be? How much would this be felt by the sleeper? Reply:
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Final Paper - Michael Guertin BUAD 307 December 2, 2008 EZ...

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