Dea 150 Prelim 2 answers.... - Dea 150 Prelim 2 nmz5, oss4,...

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Dea 150 Prelim 2 nmz5, oss4, jgm63 1. a. Programming – what the function of the space is (learning or social interaction) Post occupancy evaluation- Evaluation from people using the same space. What is working well, what is not working well, and how to make it better. Feedback to the designer. POE helps to prevent user design gap and incongruence. Design as a process. (design, construction, POE, Programming) b. Cognitive appraisal- Human responses to the environments are mediated by symbolic meaning. Personal space- Interpersonal distance zones, region surrounding a person that is considered their territory. (dynamic) Territoriality- regulating, controlling, and defending space Privacy-Regulation of social interaction, optimization process of desired interaction vs achieved interaction Defensible space- Crime prevention by design, being able to defend one’s space and have a feeling of owning that territory. Crowding-Too much unwanted social interaction (psychological measure) c. Privacy (insulation in walls), Personal space (singles), terrirotry (partitions and screens for privavy) 2. . a. Subclinical effects-Subtle behavioral symptoms at much lower dosage than causes organic damages. (canaries in mines). Critical period- a specific time in development that displays sensitivity to a stimuli. During this time one is malleable to influence. (Pregnancy) Behavioral effects- effects of toxic substances on a human’s behavior. (Lead poisioning) b. In the town of Killingworth, CT there is a hazardous waste site that contains lead. While levels of lead have not been shown to produce any physical damage, damage can still be caused. There are possible subclinical effects or behavioral symptoms from low dosages of lead. There is a correlation between lead and IQ. Lead exposure lowers IQ, results in reading disability, and increased distractibility. Lower graduation rates and higher drop out rates with higher concentrations of lead. Lead poisoning can thus have behavioral effects while not causing organic damage in the body. It can also be severe during critical periods such as with pregnant women.
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c. Precautionary principle-drugs have to be screened and shown not to cause
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Dea 150 Prelim 2 answers.... - Dea 150 Prelim 2 nmz5, oss4,...

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