WRIT-130 Professer Paul

WRIT-130 Professer Paul - Felix Oje Writing 130 Jan 21,...

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Unformatted text preview: Felix Oje Writing 130 Jan 21, 2009 I r rationality in Modern Teaching Methods The purpose of conducting classes is for bettering student in their field of choice. P rerequisites and classes that aren’t necessarily related to the student’s field of study may a lso be required in order to produce a well-rounded student. In our current society, the focus has been shifted from giving an equal chance to all students to collecting specimens for the sake of fur thering the prestige of the school. Not every Professor has adopted this “ revolutionary” style of teaching. However, USC has been affected by this fad and holds a h igher interest in its reputation than maintaining the well fare of its students. This is not t o say that the school is a compound entirely dedicated to its image or that i t lacks the necessary resources or competent professors. Our society has been set up to give an advantage to students who are already excelling. USC has simply played into the societal s tigma. A professor of fall semester Chemisty-105a is particularly fond of his obstacle course t hat he calls a class. His method of teach, though lacking, is the least of my concerns. The p roblem lies in what he teaches; he teaches the cur riculum like most other chem. professors but i t is a week behind what he actual tests us on. To his credit, there are homework’s every week that are meant to keep us up to date with the weekly quizzes. I still propose that this s tyle of teaching is fault and needs review. More students would due far better on quizzes and tests if he would bring his material up to speed with the quizzes. Homework’s are a good source of review but we as students still look to our professor as a foundation. Through lecture we solidify what we have practiced at home and fix mistakes that we couldn’t solve on our own. But this is just one of a few the i r rationalities I find in the modern teaching s tyles of USC professors. ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/27/2009 for the course WR 130 taught by Professor Paul during the Spring '09 term at USC.

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WRIT-130 Professer Paul - Felix Oje Writing 130 Jan 21,...

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