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Richard Jacocks Charles Jacocks The Speed of Sound Physics 211 Monday November 19 th 2007 The Speed of Sound We did this lab to determine the speed of sound in air by means of a resonating column at room temperature. The speed of sound by definition is 344 m/s and we were able to calculate a value that was very close to that number. We used a 1 liter graduated cylinder and various tuning forks.
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Introduction: We were supplied with a graduated cylinder attached to a stand with clamps with a flexible tube running from the bottom of the cylinder. The tube led to a gallon jug of water, the tube also had a clamp to stop the water from flowing out of the cylinder. We were also given two tuning forks tuned to the key of G and C. When the tuning forks were struck against the palm of the hand, the sound waves would reverberate between the two prongs of the fork. The experiment was done at room temperature. After the graduated cylinder was filled to the brim with regular tap water, we would gradually lower the water level through the tube into the gallon jug. We held the
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The speed of sound - Richard Jacocks Charles Jacocks The...

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