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Exam I topics Bio 324 06 The first exam will be on October in our normal classroom, Beury 166 . You will be allowed to bring calculators but must put all coats and backpacks etc. in the front of the lecture room. Please turn off and leave cell phones in your bags. The exam will most likely include genomics, recombinant DNA techniques and DNA replication. I will see how far we get on transcription. You are responsible for the following techniques, both how they work and what applications they are used for: Agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis Restriction digests and mapping Southern and Northern blotting All steps in cloning foreign DNA into a plasmid vector and transformation.
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Unformatted text preview: Know what the antibiotic resistance gene and lacZ gene are used for in selection. Know what a Multiple Cloning Site is (MCS). PCR SNP and RFLP mapping including DNA fingerprinting. Genomic and cDNA libraries, their construction and applications. DNA sequencing using the Sanger dideoxy method. Microarray analysis. DNA replication including topoisomerase and telomerase. The papers by Blasco, Meyerson and Bodnar. I will hold a review session sometime on Friday Oct 12 for students who wish to attend. We will vote on the most convenient time....
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