Final notes - Chapter12

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Chapter 12 Negative regulator - a repressor protein binds to an operator to prevent a gene from being ex- pressed Positive regulator - a transcription factor is required to bind at the promoter in order to enable RNA polymerase to initiate transcription Genes in lac operon lacI - repressor lacZ - B-galactosidase lacY - permease LacA-transacytlase Mutations in either LacZ or LacY can create the lac genotype, in which cells cannot utilize lactose Induction - the synthesis of enzymes in response to the appearance of a specific substrate Inducers - small molecues that cause the production of enzymes able to metabolize them Corepresors - those that prevent the production of enzymes able to synthesize them Gratuitous inducer - molecules that induce enzyme synthesis but are not metabolized Allosteric control - ability of one site in the protein to control the activity of another Constitutive - the continued expression of a gene that does not respond to regulation
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Final notes - Chapter12

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