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lecture 4 - biology labs for techniques such as agarose gel...

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Lecture 4 Recombinant DNA - Juxtaposing DNA (look up) Restriction enzymes always cut double stranded DNA Blunt end - cut is not specific Sticky end cut is the idea because it is a cut that leaves hanging fragments of DNA. Longest cut is 28 bases and shortest cut is 4 bases To have a complete digest, use five fold excess 2 types of vectors (look up) Ethidium Bromide - an intercalating agent commonly used as a nucleic acid state in molecular
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Unformatted text preview: biology labs for techniques such as agarose gel electrophoresis. When exposed to UV light, it will fluoresce with a red-orange color, intensify almost 20 fold after binding to DNA EtBr may be a very strong mutagen, and may possibly be a carcinogen or teratogen b...
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