Patho. Micro. Test IV - Treponema, Borrella Thin, helical,...

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Treponema, Borrella Thin, helical, gram-negative Come from the order Spirochaetales Treponema Includes T. pallidum and T. carateum Physiology and Structure Are thin, tightly coiled spirochetes with pointed, straight ends Hard to grow on plates Like to grow in low-oxygen environments Can be seen only in dark-field illumination or with fluorescent dyes Pathogenesis and Immunity Three phases of syphilis, including tissue destruction and lesions, where the immune response is the primary reason Primary phase includes initial penetration and skin lesions Secondary phase includes dissemination Tertiary phase includes all tissues in the body Epidemiology Found worldwide, 3 rd most common sexually transmitted disease Decrease in occurrence since penicillin therapy, but increases are known depending on the average sexual activity Exclusive to humans, spread by human contact or from contaminated blood transfusions Syphilis is not highly contagious, but depends on the stage of the disease, more likely in early stages Patient can become bacteremic and can persist for as long as 8 years, congenital transmission from mother to fetus can occur Because of antibiotics, tertiary syphilis has decreased but the first two stages are still common Clinical Diseases Primary Starts with chancre at site of contact
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Patho. Micro. Test IV - Treponema, Borrella Thin, helical,...

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