RES341 week 3 paper Celly

RES341 week 3 paper Celly - Survey Results 1 Munchkins...

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Survey Results 1 Munchkins Survey Results Celeste Bourne University of Phoenix RES/341 Week 3
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Survey Results 2 Munchkins Survey Results Munchkins-drop-in-center has a large client base due to the company being in business for 17 years. Munchkins is the only company of that kind in the Sugar Land area which makes the competition very low. This is why many people think that Munchkins is still in business. Due to Munchkins lack of technology, if another company similar to Munchkins came to the Sugar Land area, Munchkins will have a big drop in clients if it does not increase the technology within its company. A survey was made to see how people felt about Munchkins current lack of technology and what they would like to see happen to make things more convenient for them as well as feeling safer. Due to time and resources, only two teachers and two parents were surveyed. Based on the questions from the survey, it was interesting to see how close they all felt on these topics. According the survey, both teachers and both parents agreed that the technology
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RES341 week 3 paper Celly - Survey Results 1 Munchkins...

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