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Celly week 5 ppt notes RES341 - expense to the company This...

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Celly’s notes for week 5 PPT Task : Customer Service Training  Starting February 1 st  all the employees will go through 2 weeks of customer service training  programs, every 2 yrs everyone should have to repeat the program over again to ensure any  new techniques. Possible barrier to task: 2 weeks for training is too long, needs to have a shorter time span for training that will still be efficient. The cost, due to paying employees during training, if it were to last 2 weeks. Task : Implement Community Intrapersonal and Development programs Programs will constantly be available to employees throughout the year Possible barrier to task: If programs are available throughout the whole year it would be a very large
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Unformatted text preview: expense to the company. This should be available at time of hire during the customer service training. Both Walgreens and CVS have a high turnover rate so this would be a very big expense and somewhat of a waste to the company. Task : Develop a marketing program using a famous pop star When production seems low, a famous pop star can run a commercial on TV to help business grow any time during the year Possible barrier to task: Not everyone is in touch with pop culture so who’s to say people would know who this famous person is or even if he or she likes this person. Hiring a famous pop star would cost the company a lot of money, and if production is running low this would not be the best idea....
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