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Celeste Bourne MGT344 Week 2 Understanding Issues in Organizational Behavior How effective are non-monetary incentives in relieving stress? Non-monetary incentives can be very effective in helping relieve stress for employees. However, it really all depends on the employee. Each person is different. Sometimes monetary incentives are much more helpful in relieving stress. If there is an employee that could care less about taking time off like for sabbatical, flexible hours or even wanting a more pleasant work environment, then maybe there is the want or need for more money. Again, every employee is different, and if that employee wants or even needs something different, then there will still be the stress involved. How does employee motivation impact organizational performance? If a company has employees who are not motivated, it could be devastating to the
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Unformatted text preview: company. When a company has unmotivated employees, it effects the way they do things and they way the company is ran. When a company tries to help the employees with incentives and tries to help them become more motivated than a company can run a lot smoother. Work will get done; there will be less stress and less problems. In today’s business environment, what is the importance of a culturally diverse workforce? It is very important to have a culturally diverse workforce. When a company is not diverse it has a hard time to grow. Having cultural diversity in the workplace allows for its employees and management to learn about other cultures and to be more understanding of them as well....
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