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posc147 review - Martha Nussbaum Cosmopolitanism: Global,...

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Unformatted text preview: Martha Nussbaum Cosmopolitanism: Global, overlapping cultural principles, sophistication, posh, upscale, etc Nussbaum: Ancient concept, goes back to Stoics/Cynics via Kant. Kant, one of the most influential thinkers, Enlightenment-new thought, intellectual, cultural movement; inspired revolutions. Free thinking cosmopolitan spirit, don't want to rely on dogmas and superstitions. Kant makes cosmopolitan famous. Central principles, Stoics (Cosmopolitans): Fundamentally linked to human class, not linked to origins, where we are born is accident, does not define us. Factions and group loyalty, source of destruction. 1st from moral afflication should be with rational affiliation, as human beings. Local affiliations should not be to race, religion, etc. Give what is near to us special attention, remember incidental. Nussbaum; our children are morally more important than other kids. Best arrangement of human community. Do duties where placed. "My children are not morally more important than anyone else's kids" Entering into a mind of another, sense of connectedness, to be able share thoughts. Give moral allegiance with human kind as whole. All human beings have faculty of reason and rationality. Because we have rational, we can function morally, linked commonly to one another. Kant believed in providence; God's will. Stoic: Renouncing worldly associations.-Kant thought passions was a brutish thing and uneducatable. Folly, childhood malice, etc.-Stoics view of passion; socially constructed, not in our nation. Something we learn, not natural, socially constructed. Can detatch things that arise passions. -Aristole, why get rid of passion. Passions important at the right time, right place, right amount. Educate to use them in the right way. Think using rational capacity, not our passions, emotions.-Nussbaum, being cosmopolitan does not have to be loveless, boring, etc PC Movement: Political Correctness Movement 1. Learn more about ourselves 2. Solve problems of international community 3. Recognize moral obligations to rest of the world 4. Inconsistent to respect everyone, and do something else. Benjamin R. Barber Says Nussbaum deploys the noble ideal of cosmopolitainism against the manifold parochialisms of patriotism, nationalism, and ethnicity. Problems with Nussbaums o She under appreciates the success of American experiment in grafting the sentiments of patriotism onto a constitutional frame defined by "substantive value of justice and right" o She under estimates the thinness of cosmopolitanism and crucial humanizing role played by identity politics in a democratizing world of contracts, markets, and legal personhood....
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posc147 review - Martha Nussbaum Cosmopolitanism: Global,...

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