Goldfield 14 - Chapter 14 Study Guide How did Harriet...

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Chapter 14 Study Guide How did Harriet Beecher Stowe personalize the issue of slavery? -she talks about how it affects her How was slavery an issue of freedom for both sides? -they said that exclusion promoted equality. What was the Wilmot Proviso? -a article that said slavory or any form of it would never exist in the newly acquired land How did religion sharpen sectional differences? -by the late 1840’s growing numbers of northern evangelicals advocated political action What did Lewis Cass suggest as the solution to the slavery issue? -that territorial residence, not congress, should decide slaverys fate. Why did the Whigs nominate Zachary Taylor in 1848? -because they kept with there winning 1840 formula and nominated a war hero What did the Free-Soil Party vow? -to keep the territorys free How did the Gold Rush transform San Francisco? -it attracted a multi population growth. How would the admission of California “tip the balance?” -it would add another free state to the already even 15 free and 15 non free states making the free state have more power in senate What did Henry Clay urge as a solution? -he urged that congress should take 4 steps -1.admit cali as a free state as its residence wanted -2.allow the residents of new mexico and Utah territorys to decide the slavory issue themselves -3.end the slave trade in the district of Columbia -4.pass a new fugitive slave law to enforce the constitutional provision stating that a person who ran away as a slave could be found and retyrned to owner Why did Clay’s proposal fail? -because the others felt that it had not resolved the slavory issue What did Stephen Douglas propose? What was the outcome? -he proposed to break up the compromise into components and hold a seprate vote for each -they excepted this idea and went through with it Why did black communities in the North react so strongly to the fugitive slave law? -because this new slave law brought slavory a lot closer to home
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Goldfield 14 - Chapter 14 Study Guide How did Harriet...

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