Goldfield 13 - Chapter 13 Study Guide How did the US triple...

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Chapter 13 Study Guide How did the US triple in size prior to the Civil War? -the surplus of births over deaths. It all accured normally Why did Americans like Omar Morse move west? -it was the best option open to land starved easterners who dreamed of leaving a productive farm to their children What did Americans believe was the key to success? Why? -land and farming -because farming was what made the family money and guaranteed you something to leave behind to your children when you died. How was the Old Northwest a “melting pot?” -no it was more of a mosaic of different cultures who all fed off of each other and built communities and customs How was women’s labor essential to the farm’s success? -wives and daughters helped to tend the field crops, milk cows, and churned butter, and they produced the home spun cloth that, along with there dairy goods, found a market in the 1 st country stores on the frontier. How did economic activity change? Why? -it was bad but gradually got better over the years, the inventions of canals, steemboats, and rail roads all gave economy a chance to grow and prosper. How did western development contribute to eastern manufacturing? -western farms supplied eastern manufacturers with inexpensive raw materials for processing into finished goods. What “propelled” settlers to the Old Southwest? -soaring cotton prices after the war of 1812 and the smashing of Indian confederations during the war, which opened new lands to white settlement. Who moved to the Old Southwest? -both slave holding farmers and small independent farmers as well.
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Goldfield 13 - Chapter 13 Study Guide How did the US triple...

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